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May 26, 2020

2012 Baseball Season Begins, MLB Off To Solid Start

After what was one of the most exciting offseasons in the history of Major League Baseball, the new season is finally underway.

First we saw Seattle and Oakland play a pair of games overseas in Japan, then we saw the defending champs, the St. Louis Cardinals, fly down to Miami to play the new look Marlins in their new stadium.

Now all the other teams are beginning play.

Today sees the first full day of games with all 30 teams playing. Already we saw the Blue Jays and Indians game have a hot start with both pitchers having no-hitters into the 5th inning.

Also today, we will see Jamie Moyer look to become the oldest starting pitcher to win a game at 49.

The beginning of the season is an exciting time for fans. New players are seen for the first time and old players are welcomed again. This is the time of year where fans can look at the standings after just a few games and see rarities like the Red Sox and Yankees being the bottom 2 in the AL East or the Mets and Nationals leading the NL East.

It might still be early April, but the boys of summer are here and they’re ready to take the field through October.

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